Personal driver for 1-2 hours 3-4 óra esetén from 5 hours
hourly rate 4000 Ft 3000 Ft 2000 Ft

Should you need a driver regularly or for a longer period of time, get an individual quotation.

Delivery under 14 days min. 14 days of rent
during working hours 5000 Ft 5000 Ft
outside of working hours (18-21h) 5000 Ft 5000 Ft
weekends 5000 Ft 5000 Ft
at night (21-08h) 10000 Ft 10000 Ft

The above prices are valid for the whole area of Budapest as well as for Liszt Ferenc Airport!

Please contact us to deliver outside of Budapest.

Get a quotation online!

Get a quotation online