Long-term Car Rental

Economy car rental in Budapest

You might need a cheap rental car not only as a one-time event. All our cars are available for long-term rental as well, with prices that are merely a fragment of the short-term fees if comparing them on a daily basis. Choosing this solution you only need to think of maintenance costs, without having to worry about time-consuming problems related to owning a car. You can easily rent a car at us for months or years, which could also significantly reduce your costs. Our customer service takes every individual need into account to ensure you get a suitable car with the extras you really need and can easily afford. Long-term car rental is truly worth it, you can see it for yourself by checking out the list of cheap rental cars, where you can find monthly fees, too. Alternatively, ask for a tailor-made quotation for long-term rental.

You will certainly find the car just perfect for your needs, whether work or holiday. The prices do not include VAT. Find all necessary information about terms and conditions here.

3-month Car Rental:

  • Contract period of minimum 3 months, which can be extended for any further period for the same fees
  • Even for a 3-month rental, you are not burdened with the company car tax
  • You can skip your contribution to CASCO insurance and the deposit if choosing VIP1 or VIP2 insurance packages
  • Our monthly fees include 3500 km, if surpassed, the km fees indicated for the car are applicable

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Get a quotation online